07.03.2010 - 23.05.2010
Cecilia Edefalk / Caroline von Grone
Kirschbl├╝ten und 24h Venus

For the first time, Gerisch-Stiftung is bringing together a Schleswig-Holstein artist with her chosen partner from abroad. The result is an exciting dialogue between the airy, site-specific painting of Caroline von Grone from Kiel and the work of Cecilia Edefalk, one of the leading artists in Sweden.


Conceptuality and aesthetic pleasure, the transitoriness of time and the apparent changelessness of nature form the basis of the creative work of both artists. While the Swedish painter observes the ever-changing fall of light on the idyllic torso of a Venus over 24 hours in her video, Caroline von Grone traces the changing light conditions in the creation of her oil paintings. She will turn one of the exhibition rooms into a temporary studio and will paint the initially blank canvases on site during the exhibition in the daylight she encounters from day to day. The studio will become a sculpture. The period of creation will become a component of the exhibition.