13.05.2010 - 13.05.2010
Brigitte Kowanz

The latest addition to the collection of sculptures at Gerisch-Stiftung is a light sculpture developed by Brigitte Kowanz for the park. The Viennese artist has placed the Greek word ‘Eidyllion’ in neon writing in a mirrored glass box along the wall behind the Gerisch gallery. A semitransparent mirrored surface reflects both the neon word ‘Eidyllion’ inside the glass box and the park itself outside the box. It is as if Kowanz is making a bold comment on the environment of the Gerisch park with this word in neon Greek letters. ‘Idyll/Eidyllion’ is reflected infinitely, thus continuing the investigation, in the programming at Gerisch-Stiftung, of the cultural conditions for the perception of landscape as an idyll.