21.03.2012 - 01.07.2012
Piotr Nathan
Dreams and Nightmares
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Piotr Nathan.
Dreams and Nightmares


Piotr Nathan

Dreams and Nightmares



Encounters with the works of women artists

Christine Fenzl, Nan Goldin, Susanne A. Homann, Roni Horn, Siobhan Lidell, Gräfin von Lebrija, Nina Venus



The Herbert-Gerisch-Stiftung starts its 2012 exhibition year with the large-scale show Träume und Albträume – Dreams and Nightmares by the artist Piotr Nathan (born 1956, lives in Berlin). A large number of Nathan’s works are based on 18th and 19th century wood cuts whose reproduction prints played an important role in making such representations of idyllic nature and faraway lands full of adventure widely accessible. In this way they also take up the theme of the site-specific profile of the Gerisch-Stiftung. Because of its historic park and the Art Nouveau Villa Wachholtz, the foundation questions the cultural conditions of how nature and idylls are perceived. Piotr Nathan now lends a special personal touch to this thematic profile. His exhibition is like an artistic chamber of curios which is furnished with items from his own studio as well as artefacts belonging to his female artist friends. In these surroundings his paintings, installations, drawings and films, works which have mostly been specifically produced for the exhibition, take on a sense of intimacy and closeness. The artist invites the viewer to have a very private, almost voyeuristic glimpse of the world of his dreams and nightmares. These reflect personal and familiar ideas of what represents an idyll, ranging from the classical physical harmony of ancient sculptures to the commercialised sexual fantasies of today. From 19th century adventure clichés and images of heroic explorations of nature to images of perfect bodies or landscape modules of present-day dream factories.



Träume und Albträume is part of a series which brings together outstanding artists from Schleswig-Holstein with artists from outside the region. Piotr Nathan, who is also professor at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, has extended this concept to include a number of women artists who have had a special impact on his own work. He refers to works and ideas which are closely related to his own work and reacts to them in his exhibition. In this way the exhibition is turned into a communicative act of reciprocal artistic reaction.





A glittering exhibition party


You and your friends are cordially invited to a glittering exhibition party featuring talks and music


April 18, 2012 at 7pm


Villa Wachholtz, Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster


Herbert Gerisch, founder of the Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung

General Introduction to the work of Piotr Nathan

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneede

Introduction to the exhibition

The artist will be present.