17.05.2009 - 11.10.2009
Mark Dion
Über die Jagd

Raised hides, hunting lodges, targets, hunting photos, hunting badges and hunting clothes - just like a scenario from a museum of natural history or history. These are, however, precisely the paraphernalia which, as works of art, are included in the park-wide installation by the American artist Mark Dion (born 1961 in New Bedford, lives in New York and Pennsylvania) at Gerisch-Stiftung.

The artistic study of the subject of nature runs through the work of this extraordinary artist like a golden thread. His works focus on the fascinating world of nature. With his Neumünster exhibition ‘Concerning hunting’, he takes on the role of a hunter or hunt supporter: raised hides are interpreted as sculptures; a collection of real hunting photos is arranged across a wall; there are strange hunting banners and finally the private hunting room of the founder Herbert Gerisch is transformed into an art installation open to the public. Mark Dion’s works are deliberately unconventional and impossible to categorise. Hunting is shown as one of society’s ways of dealing with nature, reflecting our view of the natural world.